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About Us

Cove Calligraphy was born in the UK, and we work from a studio on the Dorset coast. Knowing that the sea is just around the corner is very inspirational, but does sometimes drag us away from the workbenches!

Because all of our gifts are personalised by hand, it really feels like we are making something special for all our customers, and that no two items will be the same.

We have investigated lasers and big expensive machinery, but we always come back to the simple methods, and we think that the handmade element gives our items a unique look and makes them feel much more personal.

We also hand engrave silver and silver plated items, and we have recently introduced a new range of sterling silver engraved jewellery, all in our beautiful cursive font, hand designed for your own message.

Our customers often have the best original ideas, so do get in touch if you can't see what you are looking for in our shop - we are always happy to try something new!

Woodburning by hand can be hot and smelly work at busy times of the year, but I much prefer the finished result compared to laser methods - and our reviews tell us that you prefer them engraved by hand too!

Glass engraving by hand can be a dusty business, so I use protective filter masks and visors - not an attractive look, and I have been known to scare the dog!

Father's Day and Christmas are our busiest times, so it's good to be organised & keep all your orders in order!

Variety is the spice of life - we love the ideas our customers dream up, & we love to share our new ideas with you, so always keep an eye on our website for new gifts being added all the time!

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