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Personalised Dartington Glass Gin Gift Set

This beautiful personalised 3 piece set from Dartington Crystal has been created for all gin fans, and we at Cove Calligraphy would like to make this gift extra special by hand engraving your own messages in our unique font onto the glasses. This selection of 3 great glasses helps you to discover and enjoy the best tasting gin experience. A classic highball and on-trend copa stem are complimented by the stylish martini cocktail. Endorsed by makers of premium mixers Fever –Tree, the set comes with an expert guide to each glass with mixing tips and gin cocktail recipes. Making the perfect G&T or mixing the ultimate gin martini is easy with a little Gintuition.

This gift set includes up to 70 characters hand engraved onto each glass. Please type your personalisation as follows:
Highball: Type your message, max 70 characters
Copa: Type your message, max 50 characters on bowl, 20 characters on base
Martini: Type your message, max 50 characters on bowl, 20 characters on base
Please take great care with punctuation and spelling as we will engrave your message exactly as you type it!

The Highball Glass
The traditional glass of choice for a great G&T. Tall enough for a good amount of ice with plenty of room for a good measure of gin and tonic. The tall slender shape helps keep the tonic water fizzing as you enjoy the drink. Also known by bartenders as a ”Collins” glass it can also be used for a wide variety of gin based cocktails.
The Copa Glass
A great alternative for G&T that is particularly good for exploring different or new styles of gin and garnish combinations. Adopted from the gin bars of Barcelona, this wide bowl is perfect for infusing the drink with a colourful fresh garnish. The elegant stem best displays the visual splendour and keeps the hand from warming the ice.
The Martini Glass
A stylish glass classic, and the finest choice for serving a good Martini. The conical glass allows your well chilled drink to glide easily onto the pallet with every sip. A slender stem keeps the hand from warming your drink and completes the sensual look and feel of this glass. The crisp dry taste and bracing flavours of gin are the basis for a myriad of cocktail recipes, but perhaps the best known of all is the Martini. Although James Bond may have preferred his Martini’s “shaken not stirred” the expert consensus is firmly that it should only ever be the other way round!

Martini: 180mm (h), Copa: 210mm (h), Highball: 160mm (h)

Martini: 28cl, Copa: 61cl, Highball: 37cl

Gift Boxed as shown in photograph

These glasses come in a set of 3 and cannot be sold separately. We have separate listings for other martini and highball glasses which can be purchased individually - please type HB01 or MA01 into the search box (these are not Dartington glasses).

Dartington are a luxurious British brand who have been creating inspired choices in crystal and glass in the UK since 1967, every piece designed to be used and enjoyed. Today they are the only crystal factory remaining in the UK, and their crystal collection continues to be made in their factory in North Devon. All their collections are designed in England and crafted in the UK or by chosen European suppliers.

  • Model: DTGIN


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