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Personalised custom Triple Tipple gift set Christmas brandy

Triple Tipple Gift Set from Dartington Glass, hand engraved with your messages by Cove Calligraphy.

Explore and appreciate the world of fine spirits with this great three glass selection. A classic Brandy Balloon, Old Fashioned Tumbler and Highball Glass lets you serve and savour a variety of dark spirits in style. At Cove Calligraphy we would like to make this gift extra special by hand engraving your own messages in our unique font onto the glasses.

This gift set includes up to 70 characters hand engraved onto each glass. Please type your message into the personalisation box which appears when you add this item to your cart. Please type your personalisation as follows:
Highball: Type your message, max 70 characters
Brandy: Type your message, max 50 characters on bowl, 20 characters on base
Tumbler: Type your message, max 70 characters
Please take great care with punctuation and spelling as we will engrave your message exactly as you type it!

The Highball Glass
Created for a refreshing long drink using a spirit base, ice and a larger proportion of non-alcoholic mixers. The Highball is an essential tool in preparing some of the classic favourites.
The Old Fashioned Tumbler Glass
A generous tumbler is the proven favourite for whisky and other dark sprits drinkers. Whether taken neat, with a little water or 'on the rocks' this tumbler makes a great way to enjoy your spirit of choice.
The Brandy Balloon Glass
Brandy is a generic term for spirit that has been distilled from fermented fruit. The most recognised and finest brandy's are the Cognacs and Armagnac's made from a distillation of grape wines in their respective regions of Southern France. The deep bowl and flat base in this balloon glass allows the spirit to be swirled and warmed in the hand to release its bouquet and bring alive the flavours. The narrower mouth and bulbous shape concentrates the vapours and lets you nose and sip at the same time.

Brandy: 166mm (h), Tumbler: 103mm (h), Highball: 144mm (h)

Brandy : 66cl, Tumbler: 46cl, Highball: 44cl

Gift Boxed as shown in photograph

These glasses come in a set of 3 and cannot be sold separately.

Dartington are a luxurious British brand who have been creating inspired choices in crystal and glass in the UK since 1967, every piece designed to be used and enjoyed. Today they are the only crystal factory remaining in the UK, and their crystal collection continues to be made in their factory in North Devon. All their collections are designed in England and crafted in the UK or by chosen European suppliers.

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